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Hi there! Welcome to my forge, or its mirror on GitHub. Source repositories are available here, with collaboration mirrors of popular repos also available on GitHub.


  • sh1107 amaranth zig driver -- (WIP) SH1107 OLED driver, plus the I2C driver it uses, with virtual hardware testbench
  • i2c_obs amaranth tool -- (WIP) I2C clock stretcher
  • hdx nix -- development environment for HDL including Amaranth, Yosys, nextpnr, ...


  • Comrak rust library -- GitHub Flavored Markdown implementation, used by Reddit,,, and many more
  • gjtorikian/commonmarker ruby library -- GitHub Flavored Markdown implementation; wraps Comrak in 1.x series
  • ex-markdown elixir library -- my fork of ex-markdown targetting modern Comrak


  • recogedor rust imap nix -- cursed IMAP forwarding service containing a Lisp and bytecode VM
  • furpoll nix furry -- polls your FurAffinity for notes and emails you about it
  • beffast arduino eink -- has Lily been fed yet?
  • akkoma elixir activitypub -- my fork of Akkoma
  • forgejo go git -- my fork of Forgejo


I only have so much time. Please feel free to write to me if you have any questions, or if you're interested in adopting a project!


  • daintree zig kernel -- ARMv8-A and RV64GS kernel and UEFI bootloader
  • dtb.zig zig library -- device tree blob (flattened device tree) parser
  • armv8a ruby tool -- some calculators to help with ARMv8a debugging
  • akari c++ kernel -- baby's first Real C++ microkernel (antique)


  • koino zig library -- GitHub Flavored Markdown implementation (port of Comrak)
  • cmark-gfm-hs haskell library -- bindings to cmark-gfm


Spirited away

Thanks to my co-authors. :)


  • charlottia was my working name while starting on gateware and Nix.